The Automotive & Transportation space are critical industry sectors to the UK. When you realise that this sector includes the automotive, rail, leisure vehicle and the marine industry, you start to really understand the impact it has on the UK.

At the very least this sector is a major employer employing in excess of 1,000,000 people and generating somewhere in the region of £100 billion in turnover. Their importance as an employer and exporter is clear, but of course if you start to consider the wider implications for example of people that work in the road, water and infrastrcucture industries (road maintainers, rail staff employees, waterways staff) then the “industry” is even more critical.

In our definition we consider here the product manufacturers (the builders of cars, planes, boats and rail rolling stock for example) and of course the supply chain involved in the creation of the end product.

Man and Machine offer deep technical skills and solutions to these industries to solve key issues affecting the industry. This a market concerned with design style, concept design and visualisation at the OEM end of the scale, whilst at other end of the market, fuel efficiency, cost of manufacture, digital prototyping, production efficiency, electrification, safety and reliability are key concerns expressed throughout the supply chain. Of course design protection and the security of intellectual property is also a massive issue in this market, determining the essential need for robust data management and PLM solutions.

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Automotive & Transportation

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